The Homeschool Resource Directory was created for two primary purposes.

1 – To provide a place for new (and veteran) homeschoolers to experience the vast array of homeschooling resources available in the marketplace. The styles, methods and types of products are as diverse as the homeschool community. By seeing as many options as possible, our hope is, that new homeschoolers will select the best fit for their families when they first get started. The better the fit the more likely it is that these families will succeed and continue to homeschool. This is a win for the families and a win for the homeschool community at large (vendors included).

2 – To provide a platform for large and small vendors to display the features, styles and quality of their products, at a price that is affordable for everyone. Vendors are critical to the continued success of homeschooling. We believe that putting a strain on a vendors bottom line in order to turn a large profit is counterproductive to the homeschool movement at large. Yes – we believe our product is worth much more than the asking price. But squeezing out the last marketing dollar from vendors is not in our DNA. We hope that vendors appreciate this and take advantage of our pricing. The more vendors on the site, the better service it is for homeschoolers.

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