How to search

Searching is fairly simple.

On the search bar you have three separate ways to search. You can search by a specific business name, by a specific or general location or by any category in the drop down category menu.

Business Name – Simply enter the name of the business and hit the search button. Any listing corresponding to that name will show up. As you start typing names of businesses in the search bar you will see suggestions autofill underneath where you are typing. If you don’t know the exact name of the business you may be able to locate it this way.

Address – Use the same process as business name. If you are searching within a state make sure you spell the state out instead of using the abbreviation. The search engine looks for letters so if you simply put FL for florida you will get any listing with an “fl” in the title or address.

Category – categories are broken down into main categories (parent) or sub-categories. This allows you to search more broadly or narrowly based on your specific needs. As an example you can search “math” and any vendor tagged as selling math will display. Or you can search by a sub-category under math, such as algebra or geometry and only vendors tagged as selling those products will display.

But searching is just the beginning. Once you have a list of “math” providers you can select a specific vendor and an entire page will open up with a myriad of tools and information on that vendor and products. If you decide to visit a specific vendor, their site will open in a new window. This allows you to stay on the directory site so you can view another vendor or more. By opening several vendors, you will be able to do a side by side comparison. So this is much more than a directory. It is a research tool for you.





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