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    Professor B Math is a Kindergarten - Algebra math curriculum. This unique, intuitive program uses the power of connections in language and concept to build exceptional math understanding and fluency.

    Proven effective by research, this program is non-graded and provides accelerated progress for regular learners. It is possible for your fifth graders to begin Algebra with competency and understanding. Additionally, the unique presentation supports special needs learners with success where other programs fail.

    Each page is scripted for the teacher, making you an instant master teacher. You will be surprised to see new math connections yourself as you teach! It eliminates rote memorization and instead uses oral interactive drills that are fun. You determine the amount of time spent on each new lesson.

    Are your students fluent and confident? They will be with this program!

    Professor B Math

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    1516 East Valley View Drive, Joshua, TX, USA

     I discovered Professor B Math when searching for a math program to help to homeschool my disabled daughter, Elizabeth.   I lacked confidence to teach math as I had struggled as a math student myself.   I never clearly saw why the formulas worked.  As I taught the script of the Professor B curriculum, I discovered a beauty, a wonder, a deeper understanding of math that made complete sense. There was no rote memorization! The kids were able to create their own strategies and shortcuts because they fully comprehended the math principles.  The Professor B program accelerated my kids’ math progress. The younger ones were doing Algebra in elementary school.  So much for Piaget!  They totally got it.  

    The author, Everard Barrett was an Associate Professor in the Mathematics Department of State University of New York  and the president of Professor B Enterprises, Inc.  From 1962 to 1971, he also taught junior and senior high school mathematics in Brooklyn, New York.

    In June 1976, after three years of experimental work in the Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School, Roosevelt, New York, he broke new educational ground by enabling fifth and sixth grade classes to out-perform (by a huge margin) their ninth grade counterparts on an examination traditionally reserved for the brightest ninth graders (The New York State Ninth Year Algebra Regents Examination) throughout the state. This was subsequently repeated (on two occasions) in P.S. 44, an elementary school within central Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn, New York. Both Roosevelt and Bedford Stuyvesant were very disadvantaged, low socioeconomic areas of New York.

    Everard was commissioned to a UNESCO mission in mathematics education at the request of foreign governments in 1980. In  March, 1990, he was invited to present his methodology at the first seminar held by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in its search for “fresh, theoretically grounded methodologies for addressing fundamental educational requirements” in January, 1991. The directors of these international agencies on educational development were impressed with his presentation and initiated  a UNDP-sponsored project in Jamaica, W.I.

    During the Summer, 1992, after receiving training in Everard’s methodology, sixteen mathematics lecturers from local Jamaican Teachers’ Colleges enabled 94% of 265 practicing primary teachers to pass a qualifying examination in mathematics which 80% of them had failed previously and repeatedly. The highest passing rate ever achieved previously (since 1981), by a similar population of primary teachers under the same circumstances, was only 20%. By means of similar projects during the Summers of 1993 and 1994, the remaining population of practicing teachers unqualified to teach was reduced to an insignificantly small number. A national problem had been solved. 

    Professor Barrett passed away in 2008 and his wife, Veda,  has continued to sell his products and provide training.  She has continued to work with teacher training colleges overseas and kept the program alive.  I have been a distributor of this program while tutoring and providing therapy services since the late 1990s.  In 2018, I acquired the ownership of the curriculum so that I can continue Dr. Barrett’s legacy.  His methods beautifully reflect the insights that he claimed came from God in knowing how to teach using language and reason, using contextually embedded skills which are linked, and using oral rehearsal and multisensory learning tools. 

    Professor B Math can be used for individuals, small groups, multi-age groupings and classrooms.  There are two versions:  Text with workbook or PowerPoint with workbook.  In both versions, the parent/teacher is active and leading the instruction using oral games and drills from the curriculum.  This is a powerful, unique and effective program.  

    This curriculum includes the following products:

    1.  K – 2nd teaching text and workbook and chartbook (Level One Bundle)
    2. 3-5th teaching text and workbook (Level Two Bundle)
    3. 6-8th teaching text and workbook (Level Three Bundle)
    4. Answer Keys for Level One, Two and Three (Free downloads)
    5. K – 2 PowerPoint and workbook (Instant Master Teacher Level One)
    6. 3-5  PowerPoint and workbook (Instant Master Teacher Level Two)
    7. 6-8 PowerPoint and workbook (Instant Master Teacher Level Three)
    8. Algebra Part One – includes complete worktext and keys.
    9. Algebra Part Two – digital download with complete worktext, keys.
    10. Algebra Part Three – digital download with complete worktext, keys.
    11. Pathways Levels 1, 2 and 3 – Video downloads of Dr. Barrett demonstrating selected teaching strategies from each level.

    Please reach out to me for questions.  I would love to hear from you.

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