My Leadership Compass – by Reflective Solutions LLC

About My Leadership Compass – by Reflective Solutions LLC

    Overwhelmed? There’s hope!

    My Leadership Compass leads the way to success in high school and life! This one course:
    - delivers meaningful content
    - needs little-to-no teacher prep
    - positions students to qualify for greater scholarship awards
    - helps students develop their God-given uniqueness and purpose, and be ready and able to impact the world for Christ.

    My Leadership Compass helps parents have confidence and peace of mind about the investment they are making in their teens.

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    My Leadership Compass: A Christ-Centered High School Curriculum is co-authored by Caroline Barnes, MS (counseling psychology) and Lise Price, MS (post-secondary education) through Reflective Solutions, LLC, a Christ-centered company that provides books, podcasts, and seminars helping individuals and groups discover and grow their unique potential, for their good and God’s glory.

    My Leadership Compass – by Reflective Solutions LLC

    Available in Softcover

    My Leadership Compass facilitates what might be

    the most important task of your life — that of

    digging deep to discover and develop your God-given uniqueness and purpose,

    foundational to success in academics and life.












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