Mission Imperative

About Mission Imperative

    Mission Imperative, founded in 1995, exists to give God His rightful glory in creation.

    1. “Creation Seminar Safaris” - a series of sessions that cover a wide array of topics that deal with many of the facets of the whole creation model – designed to promote a solidly biblical world view.

    2. We produce:
    - the very first curriculum ever written geared specifically toward creation. It won the 2021 Practical Homeschooling 1st place award.
    - our own brand of DVDs that include most of the subjects covered in our seminars.
    - the popular “Adventures of Ranger Mike” video series for kids.
    - a weekly e-mail that’s soon to be converted into YouTube videos, a blog, and podcasts.

    3. We take groups of people on exciting traveling safaris:
    - The "SOUTHWEST SAFARI" is a 10-day global-flood oriented excursion to 7 national parks (plus!) on the Colorado Plateau!
    - The "AFRICAN WILDLIFE SAFARI"is a 16-day wildlife adventure to South Africa that is specifically creation oriented!

    Mission Imperative

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