About Homeschool Complete

    Homeschool Complete is an all-inclusive curriculum designed to help you confidently teach your child.

    This integrated, unit-study curriculum makes teaching more effective and increases the child’s comprehension and retention of the skills. The thematic units appeal to the interests of children and provide a variety of activities for all learning styles.

    The detailed lesson plans cover all subject areas (Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Art, Music, PE, Character Development, and Bible).

    The literature-based curriculum contains a biblical worldview, guides parents step-by-step in teaching their child, and provides documentation for the work during the year.

    The goal of Homeschool Complete is not only to teach facts but also to instill higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills that create a love of learning.

    The curriculum is easy for the parent to follow and contains everything needed for a complete program that helps to simplify the process of homeschooling.

    Homeschool Complete

    A+ Publishing is committed to providing parents with a high-quality homeschool curriculum to help meet the educational goals of each family. The methods and ideas have been developed by a certified teacher and tested with homeschool students. Our curriculum aligns with accepted grade level standards and exemplifies excellence in homeschool education.




    Our all-inclusive curriculum makes it easy with just one binder per semester for all of your subject areas:

    • Language Arts
    • Math
    • Social Studies
    • Science
    • Fine Arts
    • Physical Development
    • Fitness
    • Character Development
    • Bible

    The structure of the curricula enables parents to teach multiple grade levels.

    Fully-Planned Lessons

    The fully-planned lessons help you effectively teach all of the subject areas. The plans are created around thematic units that are interesting for your child. The year-long, grade-level curricula guides parents step-by-step in teaching their child and provides documentation for the year’s work.

    The detailed lessons take the stress out of planning and ensure you’re teaching all the skills necessary in each grade level.

    “It is so user-friendly, covers a full range of concepts and skills, and ensures lots of quality time with my child,” Susan, homeschool parent.

    “You can be assured that you won’t miss a concept with this all-inclusive curriculum. It’s truly a homeschool parent’s dream,” Jill, Blessed Beyond a Doubt.

    “I like how it includes books to read and worksheets to do. I like this curriculum because it gives me one-on-one time with my mama. I would recommend this to other kids my age.” fourth grade student. 

    The Teacher’s Manual Includes:

    • Fully-planned lessons
    • Step-by-step instructions
    • Activities for different learning styles
    • Student practice worksheets for each lesson
    • Reading practice pages
    • Enrichment activities to challenge advanced learners
    • Patterns for art projects
    • Handwriting guidelines
    • Appendix with resources

    “All the hard work is already done for you! You literally open the book and teach!: Ashley, homeschool parent.

    Quality Literature Books

    This literature-based curriculum utilizes quality literature books as well as reading comprehension worksheets to teach content.

    Exposing your child to different genres, authors, and illustrators helps to instill excitement about learning to read. If you are unable to locate any of the suggested books, you may substitute comparable books. The curriculum includes enough content to cover all grade-level concepts without the additional literature books.

    “The books list by unit makes it easy to plan and get the books from the library or their digital media source, which has encouraged an appreciation for reading in our kids,” homeschool parent.

    Learning Styles

    Homeschool Complete accommodates the various learning styles using:

    • Hands-on activities
    • Manipulative items
    • Experiments
    • Art projects
    • Games
    • Songs
    • And more!

    “The curriculum is challenging and supportive at the same time, and I could tailor it to all three kids’ learning styles. the lessons are easy to understand, plan, and modify as needed. They are engaging and include skill reviews and additional literature references. It felt great to see the kids work through the year, grow, and thrive. Homeschool Complete made it possible or us to transition successfully into homeschooling, and I look forward to next year!” Daniella, homeschool parent.

    Unit Studies

    Unit studies are a fun way to learn subject matter. The integrated curriculum makes teaching more effective and increases your child’s understanding and retention of the skills.

    “These units are thorough, high-quality, and FUN!” Matt, homeschool dad.

    About the Author

    Author Debra Arbuthnot used a unit study approach to learning as she homeschooled her own three children in grades kindergarten- 5th, and then 8th-12th. Her children have graduated from high school, earned college scholarships, and are working within their chosen professions.

    “Homeschoolers are able to place full faith in author Debra Arbuthnot. Her dual qualifications of being a homeschool mom to her three children plus having 27 years of teaching experience at all levels in both public and private schools leaves nothing to be desired.” Homeschool Base.

    You can have an enjoyable year in effectively teaching your child.

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