About Clear Water Press

    Any student who loves stories can love writing. We teach imaginative, game-changing Language Arts on video for grades 6–12! Each course is an immersive project. Learning to write should be immersive—after all, stories are!

    Award-winning author Daniel Schwabauer guides the student through each of our three creative projects:

    —Create a magazine with Cover Story! (Grades 6–9)

    —Write your own novel with The One Year Adventure Novel! (Ages 13 and up / grades 9–12)

    —Time travel as a journalist with Byline! (Grades 9–12)

    Visit ClearWaterPress.com for lesson samples and additional contests, webinars, and workshops we run to support your student's creative learning.

    Who knew writing could be so much fun?


    + Admire the work of real students in our Student Magazine Showcase (Cover Story) and the special Student Editions of The Metropolitan World (Byline).

    + Check out the 5 Cover Story contests and the Byline Witherspoon Award—each one capped off with a webinar celebration.

    + Listen to the free Byline podcast—old news is good news!—and read how to make Byline count for an additional 0.5 credits of high school history.

    + Learn about the Summer Workshop writing camp and annual Novel Contest exclusively for One Year Adventure Novel writers.

    + See how your young writer can join the vibrant creative community that is the One Year Adventure Novel Student Forum and watch the ongoing training webinars we offer.

    + Discover Other Worlds, a second module of The One Year Adventure Novel focused entirely on science fiction and fantasy.

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