Blog Posting Guidelines

Our blog is designed to provide expertise to the homeschool community. We will do this by offering blog opportunities to our vendors about specific subject matter and also to guest bloggers from around the country.

1 – This is a great feature for our vendors as it allows them to show off their knowledge and expertise in various subjects. Blog posts may not be sales pitches for specific products or companies but instead should focus on the how to’s or issues around a specific topic; for example: an article on teaching place value to early math learners. The vendor may include their information with the article as well as a link. This way they are seen as a credible voice on the subject and gain exposure.  Just a reminder – remember to use your NAP information the same way you did in your listing. Articles will be syndicated across multiple platforms to gain exposure for the vendor and the directory.

2 – Post must not include any profanity or pornographic material or information.

3 – Post must not promote or solicit any illegal activities.

4 – Post may not promote a specific political or social position or agenda.

5 – Premier and Featured business listing owners may submit posts for consideration. (we encourage ALL vendors to do so).

6 – As the blog is populated with post we will add categories to better help readers search topics. Initially all post will fall under “uncategorized”. If you submit an article and would like it under a specific category please let us know and we will consider adding the category.

7 – Posts will  be shared on social media to gain additional exposure. If the submitter has any restrictions they want placed on the blog they need to contact us through our contact page prior to submitting the listing.

8 – Post approval is at the sole discretion of site owner.

9 – Order and timing of posting is also solely at the discretion of this sites owner, however, we will strive to approve and post blog submissions within a week of submission if not sooner.

10 – If you have any questions concerning these policies please contact us at

Thank you for being an active part of our community!

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